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    IVECO CRT 2008 (Compact Repair Times)

    Author: insurance [2013-11-08]

The electronic catalog Iveco Compact Repair Times are dealers rate clock (standard time) for all models of trucks and buses Iveco (Iveco).

Electronic Catalogue Iveco CRT (IVECO) Contains the complexity of work (standard time Iveco trucks and buses) on the maintenance and repair of all models of buses and trucks Iveco (Iveco).

Service information, labor times for service and repair all models of trucks and buses IVECO until 2009. Working with the VIN (Chassis-No.) or PIC. PIC can be found in the PRINT OF REPAIR TIMES AND SID in the same program, where you can also select and model vehicle.

Year: 2008
Version: 603.94.472 002/2008
Compatibility with Vista: complete
Language: Multi...
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