The program Alldata 10.50, contains a detailed description of the repair and maintenance of motor vehicle as an American production, and Asian and European vehicle production produced for
American market. The program provides detailed information on repair, which describes the features of the device separate mechanisms, standards of various parameters (volume of gas tanks, wheel alignment, etc.) used diagnostic and repair equipment and special tools, the description of works on assembly, disassembly, adjustment, repair and diagnostic information about the location of components and tools, etc.

Extras. Information: sets the following (Windows 7 x64).
In the folder "Alldata 10.50" ran setup.exe Next usual "next" and "OKEI." Until you start to curse the lack of a key. Clicked "No". In kaspersky requested access to the Internet - has forbidden.
Then run setup.exe from the folder "... update 11-01-2011". The actions are the same. After again denied access to the network.
After installation from the folder "Alldata Crack" Ace.exe copy the file to a folder with prog installed.
I have earned.
Also in the image is 3 "portable" file. What is the difference I do not know. As the appearance of the image came to me, in the spread.

Year / Issue Date: 2011 3kvartal
Version: 10.50
Language: English
Medicine: Present

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