The program Alldata 10.52, contains a detailed description of repair and maintenance for American-made cars as well as Asian and European vehicle production produced for American market. The program provides detailed information on repair, which describes the device features separate mechanisms, standards of various parameters (volume of gas tanks, wheel alignment, etc.) used diagnostic and repair equipment and special tools, the description of works on assembly, disassembly, adjustment, repair and diagnostics, information about the location of the components and mechanisms, etc.

Year/Date: 3rd quarter 2012
Version: 10.52
Language: English

Main features:

1) All discs are extracted from the images and placed in folders (for ease of mounting)
2) When you first start the program next to the application folder is created «ALLDATA» program settings.
3) If you want to restore the original settings: stop processes and ALLDATA hasplms (if any), then delete the folder you created «ALLDATA»

Program options:

Run the executable file to mount the disk using the following options:

1) By default, the program prescribed path - Z: \ (drive letters)
The easiest way to connect a network drive named Z
2) In the program: DATA-devices ...-connect and set the path to all disks in hand

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