The program ATRIS Stahlgruber provides information on spare parts of cars and trucks . The data on cars from the 60s , on cargo from the 80's . Since 2002, the program is executed in environment TCD and with use of data TCD, except for the information on spare parts in the program the information on labor hours , refueling capacities , intervals of service, adjusting labels of timing belts and identification tablets . This program contains a cross- reference and warehouse number STAHLGRUBER, the wholesale price while downloading the file Artikel.dat rest full analogy TCD. There is a search under original number, under number Stahlgruber, you can see the list of applicability of details , choose the car engine, to include a filtration on mark or the manufacturer as contains illustrations and photos of many details . The program ATRis Stahlgruber comes on 3 DVD, can be installed in several variants, from minimal to maximal network .

In comparison with a smaller cross TecDoc - correspondingly smaller errors.

The working parts warehouse
Cam Atris is 1-2 disk 3 is only for those who need a Techniks
Extras. Info: If the primary installation, the client requests a number of Stahlgruber 6 tsifr.Vvodim number of the attached file , I do not guarantee the health of the code is not mine ! . To detach from the date after the installation run the attached file for the registry.

Year / Date of Release : 2012
Version: 3
Developer : Stahl
Language : Multilingual
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