42520 positions. Auto parts manufacturer of low quality. (Auger essentially = Sampa) Detailed catalog for the selection of auto parts for European heavy trucks, buses and trailers. There well as the dimensions of parts, which will be very important in the selection of equipment for not entering into this directory. It will be especially useful to owners of Reno, who are often left to choose between the original or turkey. And the owners of trailers, those who wish to save great. Separately, you can select the category of people who buy spare parts for buses that have generally no concept of "quality", but there is only the concept of "spare part". You can also recommend products SEM, in which high-! quality but also low price. The present era of auger while in Russia has not begun. But all goes to the fact that it is planned to open an office with its own warehouse. The case will go to the mountain, if product prices are low and the range by the presence of wide-
In a new, convenient and detailed catalog - added today a fashionable topic for r.k calipers. Kross displayed in handy excel file.

Extras. Information: indexed for instant search every file and directory package. This can be useful, as the old number number already out of circulation, but still found. Excluded advertising, extra pages, and the like, that distracts from the work with the catalog. To search through all the directories click on the file FIND.pdx

Year / Date: 2006-2013
Version: 1
Publisher: Auger Autotechnik Gmbh
Support TecDoc: No
Format: PDF 1.7
Number of pages: 5450
Quality: Initially, computer (eBook)
Language: English
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