Bmw EBA program provides detailed information about the installation, connection and setup of optional equipment and accessories for cars BMW. The information about the performed works and spare parts are used for installation, wiring, wiring harnesses, installing phone hands-free, TV-tuners, tape recorders, set-up of air conditioning, xenon lamps, cruise control, navigation system, alteration of a standard sports suspension, installation of decorative elements, bars, refrigerators, hatches, heated seat, child seat, a universal remote control, installation of a computer, installation of air conditioning and an automatic air conditioning system, installation of audio systems and additional audio devices, installation of signaling - DWA III, DWA IV, DWA V.

The program comes on a CD, you can work with CD or install a program completely on HDD.

Extras. Model:
3 "E36
3 "E46
5 "E39
5 "E60
7 "E38
7 "E65
7 "E66
7 "E67
X5 E53
Z4 E85
Z8 E52

Year / Date of Release: 2003
Version: 2.2.0
System requirements: Windows XP;
Windows Vista, windows 7 (in compatibility mode);
Adobe Acrobat
Language: English

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