BMW ICOM emulator 3.1

Year/release date: 2014
Version: 3.1
Interface language: English
Description: the emulator emulates a BMW, ICOM diagnostic head ICOM-A, to work with the ISTA/D, ISTA/P
Additional information: When downloaded to the virtualku, to enable access to the snapshot. There choose the "Manager snapshots" in the window you will see the structure of images. Double-click to: K + DCAN Start, Start, Start OPS ENET, and then "Yes" and will load a snapshot that you want to use with the settings.
Works for machines starting from 09/1994 year. For older bodies with an ADS does not work.
Works with laces K + DCAN, K-Line, GT1 + OPS, ICOM, ICOM/A2, and so on.
Works with ISID 3.1 ISTA/(D) 2.36 and ISTA/P 2.49.1 and more fresh.
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