Engineering complex BMW Inpa / Ediabas until recently used the staff of all departments and branches of the BMW to develop, debug, and test electronic control units of vehicles manufactured by concern. In addition to the engineering functions of a complex also has a comprehensive diagnostic capabilities. Thanks to its original purpose scanner provides access to any vehicle computers. Reading features real-time parameters and test the actuators can verify the correctness of any control, whether it be a button or potentiometer. If desired, you can track the position of each damper climate control unit, or adjust the volume of the radio using the diagnostic connector is connected via a personal computer.

Read fault codes;
Deleting fault codes;
Reading the real-time parameters;
Reading the contents of the computer memory;
Monitoring compliance with codes VIN and mileage in mind the different ECU;
Coding of ECU;
The activation of the actuators;
Emulation of different computers;
Activation / deactivation of engineering functions.

Year / Date: 1990-2012
Version: 5.06
System requirements: Windows XP - 7 64bit
Language: English...
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