BMW ISTA/P 2.53.5 Native + Expert Mode


Programmiruû┼Łaâ system ISTA/P is a network of ISPI and stands for Integrated Service Technical Application/Programming (technical annex to integrated services/programming). Through ISTA/P can be encoded, all programmable and require the code entry admission control units of the BMW Group.

© BMW AG (program provided for informational purposes)



Year/release date: 09/2014 
System requirements: Windows XP x 32 x 64, Windows 7 x 32 x 64, 8 x 32 x 64 Windows. Works on external hard disk HDD. 
Language: MultiLanguage (EN, DE, RU, IT, FR, CN, JP, GR, ID, TW, TR, TH, SE, ES, PT, NL, KR, PL, CZ)

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