BOSCH ESI [tronic] KTS 200 KTS 340 Startcenter
Year/release date: 2010
Version: 1
System requirements:
Internet availability
RAM: 512 Mb
Free hard disk space: at least 10 Gb
Language: English + Russian
Crack: not available
Description: BOSCH ESI [tronic] KTS 200 KTS 340 Startcenter,
Software updates via the KTS 200 KTS 340 from Bosch and
Software BOSCH ESI [tronic] Startcenter intended for diagnostic tester BOSCH KTS 200 or KTS 340. The program contains a database to update the firmware of the tester and 200 KTS, KTS 340 to the tester after the program is installed, if you subscribe (by serial number and password) databases are downloaded and updated via the Internet.
Additional information: the official, laid out on request, version and year is not important because it is a shell and it downloaded the update from official site kts200
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