Service DVD (Field) KTS650 Facelift2 Celeron M/i855 und Celeron 650/VIA C3 1000 VIA Chipsatz WIN XP multilanguage

Extras. Information: The operating system is put only on these devices for a recordable disc image and reboot the device. Need the original installation DVD privod.Pri automatically format the HDD unit.
ps. drive in the boot menu a lot of interesting German words (F8 at boot from CD)

Year / Date of Release:
25.07.2006 V 2.0a Aktueller Stand SP2
27.07.2006 V 2.0b 2 Images für alten und neuen Rechnern mit Abfrage
07.08.2006 V 2.0c Driversign off
28.03.2007 V 2.1a KTS670 FSA 753 dazu, automatic detect mit sd type (nur i855)
17.04.2007 V 2.1c Druckertreiber HP5940 dazu, vpd_xp update fuer FEA2 (i855/viatw)

Version: 2.1s

System requirements: Diagnostic tool Bosch KTS 650/670, FSA750/753
Language: Multilingual

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