Bosch Zexel ESPI (Zd + Zx + Zw) 3/2010
Year/release date: 2010
Version: 1.5
Developer: Bosch Automotive Systems Corporation
Developer site:
Language: multi-language (Russian)
Crack: not required
Description: catalogue of spare parts Bosch Zexel Zd, Zw, Zx, cross reference, calibration data pump.
Electronic catalog of auto parts Zexel ESPI contains a detailed catalogue of details and data on cross-referensu for Bosch products manufactured under license by the firm Zexel car for the Japanese market.
Catalog Bosch Zexel (Zd + Zx + Zw) took 3 CD and with a full installation will require approximately 1 GB of free disk space, it is possible as a partial installation directory and work with the CD drive. The program supports 11 languages.
Interface base on spare parts Bosch Zexel (Zd + Zx + Zw) is identical to the old versions of the program Bosch. While in the program are available only three search functions by number of Zexel, Bosch number, type of Bosch, there are hopes that in future versions of the functionality of the program would be expanded.
ZD-Service Parts catalog
ZW-Calibration Data
ZX-Cross Reference catalog
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