Cars LADA GRANTA 2190. Catalog of parts and Assembly units

Year of release: 2011
Author: Sabanov Yu.v., Batischeva Z.v., Cascina Oe, Nikitina G.a., Ovchinnikov N.v., Stupina N.a., A.v. Yakovlev
Genre:parts catalog
Publisher: OJSC "NVP" RDC CAR»
Format: PDF/DjVu/(recognized)
Quality: the recognized text (OCR)
Number of pages: 227
Language : English
The catalog is a reference tool when preparing applications for spare parts and repairs, is intended for employees of trade and service enterprises and organizations, as well as for car owners.
Nomenclature of parts and Assembly units supplied with addition of spare parts is determined by the current spare parts specification (DSZČ).
The directory has been prepared as of the design documentation on September 5, 2011

Recognized by and created in the PDF inside navigation with search by text, table of contents and copy + DjVu (defective economy option), it can be downloaded separately.
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