The list of diagnoses Carsoft systems include:
• motor control;
• The instrument panel;
• Airbags;
• anti-lock braking system / automatic stability control;
• On-board computer / information display;
• Anti-theft alarm system (factory);
• Central locking system;
• Air-conditioning;
• Control automatic transmission;
• Immobilizer;
• The central control unit;
• The system of safe parking;
• Control of sliding and riding, etc.

With Carsoft possible:
• Obtain identification information on the control of the controller is diagnosed;
• Read fault memory;
• Obtaining information for troubleshooting stored in their faults;
• Delete the contents of memory faults;
• Clear indication of service intervals of service.

For some systems, it is also possible:
• Perform active tests of actuators;
• View the current parameters of the system;
• To switch to basic settings;
• Implementation of matching the engine control unit with an immobilizer.

Carsoft system has automatic search system installed in a car with a survey of memory faults of each, and the formation of diagnostic protocol.

For documentation of the work Carsoft has the ability to print
Diagnostic Protocol. According to the principle of action and function is similar to the system Carsoft diagnostic devices: MODIC-II, DIS, MODIC-III, DIS plus, GT-1.

The functions:
• implementation of diagnostic systems
• clearing fault memory systems
• special functions
• Automatic search for installed systems on the car with the survey and the formation of memory fault diagnosis protocol.
• launch of a common diagnostic mode
• protocol is the result of a common diagnosis
• Diagnostics with the formation of a separate system diagnostic protocol contains the identity of the controller, the control system of the contents of the diagnosed
memory faults and information to address them.
• Start the diagnostic mode of an arbitrary system
• protocol is the result of diagnostic system selected
• delete the contents of the selected memory fault system.
• Review the current settings of the engine, automatic transmission.
• reset the display and receive information about service intervals, maintenance.
• coding of units of measurement and language
presentation, modes of operation of the central locking.
• the transfer encoding engine management, airbag replacement
master controller.
• to synchronize the engine management system with immobilizer.
Extras. Information: This program is intended for the diagnosis of Mercedes and BMW without any adapters of the original, broken, so that you can use any adapter KL via com port.

Year: 2004
Version: BMW6.1 SP4, MB7.6 SP2
Developer: carsoft
Platform: PC
Compatibility with Vista: Yes
System requirements: Pentium I, 32 MB RAM, COM port, any adapter to L (L is needed for the current BMW)
Language: English only

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