Catalogue of spare parts Zetor tractors

Release year: 2012
Автор: Zetor
Genre:spare parts
Publisher: Zetor
Серия: -----
ISBN: -----
Format: PDF/DjVu
Quality: the recognized text (OCR)
Number of pages: 471
Language : English, Czech, French, German, Spanish
Spare parts catalog spare parts list of drawing up models of tractors Zetor 8621, 8641, 9621, 9641, 10641, 11641 Forterra.
Completing parts, spare parts for the tractors are grouped into sections (engine, transmission), consisting of groups of obrazovanyh one or more sheets.
Text section.
The index of the section and the alphabetical index groupes hepls identity the easy part. In the text section, you will find six columns on each page of the text:
column 1 contains a nubber
column 2 contains the drawing room
3-column contains the number of the item
column 4 contains the part of the order
column 5 contains the title part, tractor model
column 6 shows the quantum of parts used tractor
column 7-contains additional notes: size, standard, note.
More info coucerning options are listed at the end of the group.

Recognized in 5 languages and formed into a PDF inside navigation with search text and copying (most practical) and DjVu (economy-version-recognized in English), it can be downloaded separately. Are hyperlinks!
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