Catalogue of TAIHO v. B15 + Add-ons [pdf and program selection] [Delta AL]
Year of release: 2008 final.
Developer: TAIHO [pdf]/Delta AL [Shell DATABASE]
Compatibility with Vista: complete
System requirements: A browser IE6 + or any other with full support for DHTML and pdf viewer.
Language: English + Russian
Description: the most recent on January 2009 product catalogue TAIHO: inserts crankshaft and connecting rods, bearing half bushings and camshaft oil pump from the largest manufacturer in Japan.
In the distribution:
1. the installation file Setup_TAIHO.exe after that file on your computer will be installed, which allows you to search by make cars TAIHO number, engine number, OEM, view the list of applications each found the details. Dimensions of inserts in the program.
2. Scan the paper directory which is installed together with the program directory. In the reserve there are dimensions. On your desktop will be two shortcuts, for shell and scan to PDF.
3. information bulletins from the factory from 2 February 2009, pdf, and excel in English. There are almost no text, no translation required.
Additional information: antivirus and firewalls can block the program selection. In such a case, adjust their settings.
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