Chery catalog (September 2008)
Year of manufacture: 2008
Version: runs on Win 7
Compatibility with Vista: Yes
Interface language: only English
Crack: not required
Description: the most complete catalog for selection of original spare parts Chery
standard time, etc.

A15-Amulet, Flagcloud
A18-Karry Joined Group
A21-Elara, Fora, Vortex Estina
B11-Eastar, Mikado
Chery M11-A3
S11-QQ, Sweet
S21-QQ6, Jaggi

Additional information: 1. Establish a programme of chery-spms
2. copy the base car to your hard drive (you can use the virtual CD)
3. run the wrapper, specify the path to the desired model
login administrator
password for chery
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