DuPont - a unique system of color matching, which includes both the traditional, time-tested tools and modern software ColorQuick ®, ColorNet ® and ChromaVision ®. This system allows you to accurately pick up the paint to any car of foreign and domestic brands. DuPont - a recognized leader in the production of conveyor paint constantly engaged in intensive research work in the manufacture of paints. These design and materials allow us to use the latest color formulas and shades before leaving the assembly line vehicles. In this version there are variations of colors of the world market, Asia, Europe, America, etc., depending on where the model with the number of colors produced. This version incorporates electronic fandeki, that you can use on your computer screen to compare the color patterns of an alternative, or a particular market. The software automatically updates via the Internet every month, and the manufacturer"s website is updated daily formulary database. For automatic updating via the Internet should register on the site. Efforts PDF description from the manufacturer.

Year / Date: 2011
Version: CD1/2012 2011.10.27.17
Language: English

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