CompactSoft 2012/1 FSA 7xx 4.50
Year/release date: 2012
Version: 4.50
System requirements: Windows XP
Language: multi-language
Description: program for working with motor-testers Bosch FSA 7õõ series.
Additional information: in addition to diagnostics capabilities with the settings for specific models of cars (if motortestera FSA) are general tips on connecting motortestera for each test, as well as thematic excerpts (in English) from the avtomobit′nogo directory of the "Automotive Handbook published by Robert Bosch GmbH.
Applications are available in the help videos that demonstrate the features of the Bosch Motortestera FSA. The new version is fundamentally nothing added except expanding the base car.
P.S. car database Release due to the deblokirovaniem of ESI [tronic]. Without the Unlock button not working range of cars by brand and comparisons. All other functions work.
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