Catalogue of spare parts for trucks and buses DAF DAF (DAF RAPIDO) contains complete information on all series of lorries DAF, since the 70s , as well as information on axes and suspension trailers (BPW, ROR, SAF, Trailor, Fruehauf). DAF RAPIDO comes in three to five CD or one DVD, at full installation occupies ~ 6.5 Gb, except for spare parts the program contains a catalog of accessories and optional equipment , technical bulletins of firm "DAF-TRUCK NV" (for example , a bulletin on replacing rear axle hubs ) and instructions for installing additional equipment (for example , instructions for installing electric heating the engine to 95XF), as well as catalogs of parts of axles and suspension trailers. The program is a complete transcript of VIN, search on VIN, model , engine number , name or part number. Besides the program DAF RAPIDO is very useful , but it is extremely rare in the programs functions , the comparison of original numbers of details of two various numbers of the chassis and translation of numbers OEM manufacturers ( used on DAF) in original numbers.

Year / Date : 01.2013
Version : DVD1301
Developer : DAF Trucks N.V.
Language : Multilingual
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