DAS WIS EPC Starfinder2 Acronis UR 01.2009
Year of manufacture: 2009
Version: 01.2009
Platform: WinXP
Compatibility with Vista: no
System requirements: p4
Language: English
Description: at the request of the workers. Installed and configured version of Stardiagnosis to restore it on any computer. The archive contains a program CALLED DAS (diagnosis of all mersov) WISnet Standalone (All manual all mersov) EPCnet (spare parts for all mirĨudesy), Starfinder2 (a quick search and locate circuit control units, sensors, etc.). Version 01/2009. To restore the drivers disk when booting from Reanimator choose a program with Acronis True Image Universal Restore. Select: "Use Universal Restore" and specify the path to the folder of the DRP. It stores the driver. After deployment, you must install the missing driver file, and add a new license key EPCnet, the computer must have a network adapter, because the key is generated based on the MAC address of the card. Keys DAS and WIS change is not necessary.
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