Dialogys 3.91
Year/release date: 2010.12.02
Version: 3.9
Developer: Renault
Website developer: http://www.renault.com
Language: multi-language (Russian)
Crack: not required
Description: Description: the electronic version is Dialogys documentation RENAULT for pre-and post-sales support cars RENAULT, DACIA.
Dialogys includes absolutely all manuals on repair, Diagnostics, as well as catalogues of spare parts for all models of Renault brand vehicles. Circuit in this program.
Tehnoty and Mry in Russian car after 1996. release.
Additional information: who in the program in the Dacia wants to see model list, do the following:
find the file X:Dialogysdatapr in the folder ListeDocDacia, open with Notepad and after "modele =" enter a string: 37-38-39-40 and save!
Would pass from 9.00 to 17.00, Monday to Friday
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