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Year of release: 2006
Version: 2005-2006
Platform: Abobe Reader
Compatibility with Vista: complete
System requirements: PC
Interface language: only English
Crack: not required
Description: General Motors
TH125 series combining electronic-TH125 (M34) 3T40, TH125C (MD9)
Saturn-Saturn TAAT Transmission-TAAT-FWD 4 Speed
A210, GM MX17-3 Speed FWD
TH180 series combining electronic-TH180 (MD3) 3L30, TH180C (MD2)
4L40E-5L50E-4L40E 4 series combining electronic Speed 5L40E 5 Speed (M82), 5L50E (M22) Electronic-RWD
Th 200-Th 200 Series Combining Electronic (M29) TH200C (MV9)
Th 200-4R-th 200-4R (MW9)
MK2, MK5-MK2, MK5-Corvette Overdrive, GM Overdrive 4 Speed
TH325 series combining electronic-TH325 (M32), TH325-4 l (M57) w/Lockup
TH350/350 c TH350-series combining electronic, TH250C/375B
A series combining electronic TH400-TH400 (M40) 3L80, TH375-TH475 3L80HD
4L80E/85E series combining electronic-4L80E (MT1), 4L85E (MN8)-4 Speed w/OD
4T40E/45E series combining electronic-4T40E (MN4), 4T45E (MN5)-4 Speed Turbo Hydramatic
TH440-T4/4T60 series combining electronic-TH440-T4 (ME9) 4T60-4 Speed-FWD
4T60E/65E series combining electronic-4T60E (M13), 4T65E (MN3, M15, MN7 HD) Electronic-4 Speed-FWD
4T80E Transmission-4T80E (MH1) Electronic-4 Speed-FWD
Allison LCT-Allison LCT 1000/2000/2400 (M74)
Allison AT540 Series Combining Electronic-Allison AT540, AT543, AT545
Allison MT/B 640 series combining electronic-Allison MT/B 640, 643, 644, 647, 650, 653, 654
TH700-R4 & 4L60/65E series combining electronic-TH700-R4 (MD8), 4L60/4L60E (M30), 4L65E (M32)
Powerglide-Powerglide-Aluminum Case
ST300-Super Turbine 300
TH425 Transmission-TH425 (M40E)
GM Screens/Filters-General Motors Timble Type Screens/Filters
C3/A4LD series combining electronic-Ford C3 (3 Speed) A4LD (4 Speed)
4R44E thru 5R55E 4R44E-series combining electronic (2.3, 3.0 L), the 5R44E (2.3, 3.0 L), 4R55E (4.0 L), 5R55E (4.0 L)
5R55N/S/W series combining electronic-Ford 5R55N, 5R55S, 5R55W
C4/C5 series combining electronic-Ford C4, Ford C5-w/Lockup
C6 Transmission-Ford C6
CD4E series combining electronic-Ford CD4E, Mazda LA4A-EL (4 Speed-FWD)
A series combining electronic E4OD Ford E4OD, 4R100-(4 Speed OD-RWD)
ATX Transmission-Ford ATX Transmission
4F27E series combining electronic-Ford 4F27E (FN), Mazda J39A (FN)
AXOD/E Series Combining Electronic-Ford AXOD/E (AX4S) AX4S-HO Overdrive
AX4N Transmission-Ford AX4N (4F50N)
AOD/E & 4R70 series combining electronic-Ford AOD (FIOD) AOD-E (Electronic), 4R70W/4R75W, 4R70E/4R75E
Fordmatic-Fordmatic 3 series combining electronic Speed, Iron Case (Small, Medium), FMX
Ford Screens/Filters-Ford thimble type screens/filters
A-500/TF-6 series combining electronic-Chrysler-A-500 (40/42RH; 42/44RE Electronic), TF-6 [A904 (30RH) A998 (31RH) A999 (32RH)]
A518/618, TF-8 series combining electronic-Chrysler-A518 (46RH/RE), A618 (47RH/RE, 48RE), TF-8 (A727-36/37RH)
545RFE & 45RFE series combining electronic-Chrysler-545RFE-5 Speed, 45RFE-RWD/4WD-Fully Electronic 4 Speed
A404/413, A470/670 series combining electronic-Chrysler-A404 (30TH), A413, A470/Ankle (31TH)-FWD
A606/A604-A606-Chrysler series combining electronic (42LE), A604 (40/41TE-FWD, 41AE-AWD), RWD (42RLE)
Imports: KM170-177, F4A/AF Tranmissions-Imports: Chrysler (KM170-177), Mitsubishi (F4A-33), Hyundai (AFAF1-AFBF3)
Imports: RFA/V4A51, R5A/VA51 series combining electronic-Imports: Chrysler/Mitsubishi/Hyundai-RWD (4Spd) RFA/V4A51 (5 Spd) R5A/VA51-FWD
BW8/12 AMX-Cast Iron, Flash/Flightomatic-Chrysler-BW8, BW12 AMX-Cast Iron, Flashomatic/Flightomatic
BW T35/41/44 & Aluminum Case Flash/Flightomatic-BW T35/41/44 series combining electronic & Aluminum Case Flash/Flightomatic
HONDA-Hondamatic 2/3 Speed
HONDA-Filters & Identification Charts
F3A series combining electronic-Mazda F3A, Ford Imports-3 Speed, F3A-Jatco, GM R cars
F4A series combining electronic-Mazda F4A-EL-FWD, F4E-III, Ford F4EAT-4 Speed
G4A series combining electronic-Mazda G4A-EL/HL, GF4A-EL-FWD, Ford-G4EAT 4 Speed
JF506E Transmission-Mazda JF506E-FWD-5 Speed, Jaguar, VW
Mercedes Benz
Mercedes 722.0 to 722.6 Tranmissions-722.0 to 722.6 5 Speed, Chassis ending 177-123 4 Bolt Pan/6 Bolt Pan, 3-4 Speed
L3/L4/N4 series combining electronic-Nissan L3N71B 3 Speed, E/L4N71 4 Speed, Mazda N4A-EL
RL/RE/R4 series combining electronic-Nissan RL4R01A, RE4/501A, RE4R03A-2/4/RWD, Mazda R4A-EL-2/4/RWD
RE/RL4F02A RE4F02A-Nissan series combining electronic, RL4F02A-2/4WD, FWD w/lockup
RL/RN3 series combining electronic-Nissan RL3F01A, RN3F01A-3 Speed w/lockup
JR403E Transmission-Isuzu, Mitsubishi, GMC, Mazda, Nissan Trucks-JR403E-RWD Jatco Truck
RE/RE4F03/4A series combining electronic-RE/REL4F03A Nissan, Sentra, Infiniti G20 RL4F03V-RE4F04A Nissan, RE4F04V Maxima,/Altima, 4F20E Villager/Quest, 4 Speed FWD, JF403E Storm, LJ4A-EL Millenia
Renault M Series series combining electronic-Renault FWD 3 Speed Transaxle-MB1, MJ1, MJ3, 4139, 4141
Renualt A Series Transmisions-Renault, Eagle Premier-FWD 4 Cylinder-AR4, AD4, AD8
Renault DPO-Renault FWD 4 Speed Transaxle-DPO (AL4)
BW-T35/37 Tranmissions-Borg Warner T35TB, T37TB, Saab FWD
W-T65/66 series combining electronic-BrogWarner T65, T66 RWD, BMW Jaguar
BW-T35/41/44 series combining electronic-BrogWarner BW-T35, T41, T44 (also in Chrysler section)
M41 series combining electronic-Subaru-M41, M41A, GUNMA-3 Speed FWD, 2/4WD
R4AX-EL series combining electronic-Subaru R4AX-EL (4EAT) 4 Speed-2/4WD FWD 1st & 2nd Design
ECVT Transmission-Subaru ECVT Transmission
A40 Series Toyota A40 Series Combining Electronic Series RWD-Isuzu, Volvo, Mitsubishi
A340E Series A340E/350E-series combining electronic 4 Speed-A650E/750E 5 Speed-A761E 6 Speed (Lexus)
A440 Series series combining electronic-Toyota A440F, A442F, Landcruiser-Aisin Warner 450-43LE Truck-RWD 4 Speed w OD
A55 Series-Toyota A55 Tercel series combining electronic FWD-A55F 2/4WD
A130 Series-A130 Series 3 series combining electronic Speed-Watch A140 Series 4 Speed OD-A240 Series 4 Speed UD-A540E/H, A541E 4 Speed OD
U140 Series series combining electronic-Toyota FWD-U140E/F, U240E Series 4 Speed-U150E/U151E Series 5 Speed
U340E Series series combining electronic-Toyota FWD-U140E/F, U240E Series 4 Speed-U150E/U151E Series 5 SpeedToyota U340E Series, U341E Series-FWD 4 Speed
Aisin Warner
AW50-40LE AW60-40LE/series combining electronic-Aisin Warner AW60-40LE (AF13) AW50-40LE (AF14-20), AW50-42LE/LM
AW55-50SN Transmission-Aisin Warner AW55-50SN (AF33-5) 5 Speed
010-Volkswagen 010 series combining electronic, 087, 089, 090-FWD 1 Band Type
003 Transmission-Volkswagen 003-2 Band Type Rear Transaxle
A series combining electronic-AG4 Volkswagen 4 Speed FWD Electronic-AG4-095/096/097/098, 01 m/01N/01 p
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