Eaton ServiceRanger - the program for dealer diagnosis and programming of control systems of production boxes Eaton.
Distribution contains two programs-Eaton ServiceRanger 2.61 and Eaton ServiceRanger 3.0.7. Different versions of ServiceRanger to work with different years of production management systems. And working with different protocols of diagnosis, because complement each other, but not a substitute for one another!

Extras. Information:
For the real work requires an interface that is compatible with RP1210. No K-line adapters, this program does not work!
Before installing the software to install DAO35Install.exe!
To install SR 3.0.7 first install version 3.0.3 and use the pill. Because on top of version 3.0.7 to install the update, then install the updates to databases.
Version 2.61 is placed in a sequence-first the basic version of the directory of Main Program  servicerange  Setup.exe
Then on top of an upgrade ServiceRanger 2.51 and ServiceRanger 2.61. Tablets of 2.61 is required.

Year: 2009
Version: 2.61 +3.0.7
Platform: Windows XP
Compatibility with Vista: unknown
System Requirements: Windows XP Pro SP2 or SP3, compatibility with other systems is unknown.
Language: English
Medicine: Present

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