EBS - the leading independent wholesaler and distributor of Europe's air brakes and control system components.
European Brake Systems was founded in April 2000 in Manchester, United Kingdom with intent to distribute independently and specialize in the AIR BRAKE SYSTEMS & COMPONENTS.

With the rapid changes and a new idea in the technology of leading manufacturers Holdeksom, Wabco and Knorr Bremse, EBS - which invest in highly skilled technical innovations and sales staff to quickly become the largest distribution center for air brake systems in the UK and Ireland.

With 4645 square meters. meters of the main distribution warehouse in Manchester is well equipped to cater for the daily 70% of our English client base.

EBS product range includes air brake systems & controls automatically rattles, brake caliper, Visco, blades, and clutch and electric coils & Jacks.

EBS offers all major brands including Haldex, Wabco, Knorr Bremse, Kongsberg and many others.
Due to customer and market demand EBS also offers a wide range of quality products under our own brand name.

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