Electronic catalogue Suzuki EPC Japan (August 2006)

Year of release: 2006
Description: Description: Catalog Suzuki EPC Japan consists of two CDs and contains full information on spare parts for all models produced for Japan. Shell program is similar to the Nissan Fast, the interface of the program and all the parts are made in Japanese, dates, technical abbreviations and footnotes in English (for example, STD, 4WD, etc.). In addition to spare parts catalogue contains program to assess the damage after a collision (a list of spare parts to be replaced).
Catalogue Suzuki Japan FAST for Windows) provides information on all pravorul′nym cars of the Japanese company Suzuki. You can immediately find out the price of spare parts. Version of this catalogue, like many other directories for the Japanese domestic market, there are only in Japanese. But the pictures are pretty detailed, so easy to work with the program. Suzuki Japan FAST program for Windows interface uses Nissan Fast, so working with a catalog of Nissan will all be familiar. Installation and operation manual attached.
A: 08.2006, drive B: 04.2006
Disk images made in VirtualCD. The program is attached to the file.
You can install the program from the Install folder:
Just added a training video in English.
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