ELM327-all programs to diagnose vehicle (disk image with the programs)
Year of manufacture: 2008
Compatibility with Vista: unknown
System requirements: Windows ® 98/2000/XP;
Intel Pentium ® 150 MHz or equivalent;
16 MB of RAM;
Free hard disk space 50 MB;
USB port
Language: English
Crack: Present
Description: ELM327-latest OBDII scanner used for diagnostics of cars using a personal computer. Supports all popular protocols ODB2 and is compatible with a multitude of diagnostic programs. Interface connection with PC-USB
OBD-2 scanner based microcontroller ELM327 overseas users are well known and have gained a great reputation for its versatility and reliability. Thanks to these characteristics, many developers diagnostic software release their programs for scanners of this type. There are many programs on the Internet with different functionality, interfaces and language support. There are both commercial and free versions.
Software OBD-II for ELM327 mostly free, it allows the adapter to diagnose vehicles that support one of the diagnostic protocols ODBII.
It is no exaggeration to say that among all the OBD-II scanners ELM327 is the champion of a connection with the vehicle ECU. Where other scanners refuse to work, ELM327 is perfect for cutting task.
Additional information: all programs fully working. Installation is described and does not cause difficulties.
Digimoto v. 2.3
obd1260 v. 1.2.60
PCMScan v. 2.3.0
proscan v. 5.1
ScanMasterELM v. 1.1
VitalScan 1.3
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