FESTO Products 2008/2009 New catalogue
Year of manufacture: 2009
Developer: FESTO
Platform: PC
Compatibility with Vista: unknown
System requirements: Pentium 3
512 MB RAM
DVD-ROM drive
Monitor resolution 1024 * 768 pixel
Windows 2000 SP4 or Windows XP SP2
Interface language: Russian only
Crack: not required
Description: a new electronic product catalog on DVD is almost completely identical to the new online shop of FESTO.
Here is the same easy-to-use user interface with any choice of options.
You can quickly and easily find the complete technical data, 3D CAD model and product documentation.
Select the best solution for its mission of more than 24000 products in thousands of cases in just a few clicks away.
Additional information: product list:
Pneumatic actuators
Electric actuators
Preparation of compressed air
Vacuum technology
Sensors and image processing system
Control systems/bus systems/electrical peripherals
Pneumatic and electrical fittings
Other pneumatic units and accessories
Software and services
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