Ford ECAT 09/2008

Year of manufacture: 2008
Version: 3.0 (A) 1.2 (088CF 9/1/2008)
Developer: Ford Motors Company
Compatibility with Vista: unknown
System requirements: network (server): Win 2000 SP4
Minimum P-IV 1.3 GHz or higher, Win XP SP2
512 MB */1.0/2.0 GB * GB * RAM
(recommended: Pentium 2 GHz or higher
1.0 GB of RAM or more)
the memory on your hard disk at least 6 GB
DVD drive
Network (client): Win 2000 SP4
Minimum P-III 700 Mhz Win XP
(recommended: P-IV 1.3 GHz or faster),
minimum 256 MB RAM,
MS Internet Explorer 5.5-6 x
* up to 3 jobs; * up to 10 jobs; * up to 20 jobs
Language: multi-language (including English and Russian)

Description: Auto Parts Catalog Ford (Ford) contains a catalog of parts for all models of Ford cars, jeeps, light commercial, released for the European market.
"FORD parts dealer search" gives the most complete units and cars, not only taking into account the features of the models, but also changes in the configurations. This allows qualified select Ford omitting the incorrect orders.
The use of the dealer program Ford ECat greatly improves the efficiency of daily work repair, maintenance specialists, managers of organizations that sell Ford avotozapčastâmi.
Electronic parts catalog Ford Ecat-a system of identification and sending orders for parts and service for all European dealers Ford. This system provides advanced search access and content, and also connects with the DMS and other systems Ford.
FordEcat comes to DVD and installed with the DVD.
There are different installation procedures for different types of installations:
• the first installation
• installing a different version of FordEcat to replace the already installed version
• Reinstall the same version of the FordEcat on top of the already installed program.
FordEcat is integrated with other information systems and control systems of Ford, which allows the use of all of its property for the configuration of the car and retrieve information and then use the results in another application program. In addition, stored in the FordEcat data can be copied and transferred to other installed copy of FordEcat
Additional information: the distribution of lead 12:0 am a day, but during the day (from 8 to 17 +2 GMT) speed up to 10-20 KB/s, and at night-up to 40-60 KB/s depending on the provider, but not from me. On hand will be at least one complete SID.
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