Ford Mazda IDS v69 2010.9

The Vehicle Commnication Module (VCM) is a elevated performance, ruggedized, vehicle serial communications gateway. This manoeuvre provides multiple vehicle serial communication interfaces to satisfy the requirements of all Ford Motor Company vehicles.

The VCM one is housed in a magnesium thing enclosed with a tough, protective, plastic screen for the PCMCIA expansion slot that can, for example, be used ~ the sake of wireless LAN cards or memory expanse. The VCM device contains five LED station indicators to provide the user with a visual mode of internal VCM, medium, and host device (e.g. NGS Classic’s T-Handle, PC, Pocket PC/PDS, and Laptop/IDS) manipulation.

The VCM also has detachable cables concerning connection to industry standard high-send away in haste host interfaces as well as to the excipient under test. The VCM 2007.7 DVD includes the pair IDS (Integrated Diagnostic Software) and PDS (Portable Diagnostic Software) tools.

Product Contents
• Cables
• Case

Product Details

Application Overview:
Integrated Diagnostic Software (IDS) is the nearest generation diagnostic tool. IDS integrates WDS software modified to let flow on an off-the-shelf laptop by the Vehicle Communication Module (VCM) publicly used in NGS+ and PDS, and a repaired Vehicle Measurement Module (VMM).

Vehicle Diagnostic Connectors:
The VCM 16-bolt DLC cable is used to communicate the VCM to the vehicle. The VCM and VMM conjoin to the laptop through the Ethernet-USB Adapter Cable (H406/H416).

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