GAZ 2217, -2752 "Sable". Spare parts catalog
Year of release: 1999
Author: Yuri Kudryavtsev
Publisher: Wheel
ISBN: 5-8115-0012-2
Language: Russian.
Format: DJVU
Quality: scanned pages
Number of pages: 208
Description: catalog of parts, spare parts and Assembly units of Gaz 2217-22171-2752 Sobol. The Edition contains a technical description, detailed specifications and illustrations of Assembly units and components of automobiles Gaz-2217-22171-2752. In numbers of Assembly units and components, their names, the number of the car.
the book is a reference guide when choosing parts and is designed for businesses, organizations and individuals engaged in the operation of the car.
Additional information:
Size: 130 MB.
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