GM parts catalog 05/2008 ProQuest USA (VMware)

Year of manufacture: 2008
Version: 05/2008
Platform: Windows
Compatibility with Vista: Yes
System requirements: VMware Workstation or VMware Player
Interface language: only English
Description: General Motors electronic catalog contains information about all company vehicles, including trucks and school buses from 1979-82.
Contains optional table to see additional equipment codes when you enter a VIN and use this data to filter, if you do not have additional disks, you can write off the machines, and the filter manually.
The program works search by VIN or select by year and model, there is a breakdown of each position in the VIN code decoding hardware, illustration search by part number, in the metric system, cross reference with the production of AC-Delco, a complete transcript Schild VIN and body colour code table, gas volumes, accessories, identification graphic pictures of all models.
The General Motors USA is the complete base for GM-EPC, Broadcast Sheets, Bulletins, Supplemental, VIN/RPO, VSVS.
Light Trucks
Medium Duty Trucks
Broadcast Sheets
Broadcast Sheets Archive
Supplemental 1/2
Gm Parts Master Files
Additional information: this is not a Passenger, and ProQuest (ex-Bell and Howell)-work more convenient, but the region of models is limited only by the USA.
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