Support for models up to 2012. in. Audi Q5, Passat CC, Golf 6, new Skoda Superb, Octavia FL and VW Crafter c 2006. In English and Russian language.

Diagnostic adapter VCDS, VAGCOM 11.2 is a copy of the famous set of VAG-COM adapter HEX-USB + CAN and is intended for diagnostics of cars VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda and other brands of vehicles, communications protocols OBD-II-ISO. Car diagnostics are supported VAG-group since the first brands that support computer diagnosis and ending with the most modern cars with tire CAN, used for diagnosis (2002-2012 gg.).
Diagnosed all electronic systems that have self-test!

Support for models 10-11g. in. Audi Q5, Passat CC, Golf 6,
Fully compatible with all models of VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda models through 2012, including models that use a direct CAN connection for diagnostics.
Base of more than 16000 fault codes and descriptions of units of the measured values.
The ability to use the new 7-digit PIN / SKC codes to key bindings for all immobilizers, which are equipped VW / Audi / Seat / Skoda.
Allows you to watch, record and graph for the three blocks of data simultaneously.
Can access all control modules which require special modes of VAG protocol using KWP-2000 (2001 + Teves Mk.60 ABS, numerous blocks from the 2002's and younger)
The ability to display critical information values ​​for adjustment of injection TDI engines in graphic form.
Adapter supports K-line, L-line and CAN interfaces
You get the opportunity to diagnose all vehicles support the protocol OBDII (ISO 9141-2, ISO 14230 and ISO-15765 «CAN» protocols) such as BMW / Chrysler / Toyota and so on.! In this mode, VAG-COM 11.2 allows you to read / erase and decode errors on the motor and transmission, check the current sensors, etc. The program does not support reports SAE J1850-VPW and J1850-PWM used in the US-GM and Ford!

The main differences from previous versions:
Support of all control units VW Crafter («LT3»);
opportunity to read and erase trouble codes of all control units VW Crafter («LT3»);
adapting all control units VW Crafter («LT3»);
Support for new addresses control units VW;
firmware update to version 1.84;
Redesigned automatic troubleshooting;
Reference fault codes contains more than 16,000 transcripts;
updated definition files for controls;
Included in the installation version of the English language and a patch of Russification.

For controls VW Crafter «LT3» This version supports the following functions:
Identification of units Control Module ID and Advanced ID, Fault Codes (Read and delete)
Support Coding, Security Access, and adaptation. Other features, such as the measurements of test performers, and Basic Settings will be added in future versions.

Extras. Information:

The list of supported vehicles.
Audi - all models up to 2012.
• Bentley Continental GT (3W) 2003 + Ford
• Ford Galaxy (7M) 1996 +
Seat - all models up to 2012.
Skoda - all models up to 2012.
Volkswagen - all models up to 2012.
• VW Crafter c 2006.
• Porsche Cayenne - up to 05.2006

Year / Date of Release: 2011
Version: 11.2.0
System Requirements: PIII 500 Mhz 64 MB RAM, mouse, keyboard, USB-out.
Language: English + Russian

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