Honda HDS 3.012.030 [2013] + ECU Rewrite 6.2.7 + HFL (HFT) Control Unit Update

Year/release date: 2013
Version: 3.012.030
Interface language: English
Description: mount the image, open the folder, run the Setup.exe PS HDS.
After installation, run the file HIMGNA.exe from the root of the drive, and then click on the F12 get interface selection.
Additional information: Assembly of TizWaz.
Within the image are:
HDS PC (1.8 Gb) HDS-3.012.030 + ECU Rewrite 6.2.7 for HDS (1.2 Gb) + HFL (HFT) Control Unit Update (5 Gb).
ECU Rewrite 6.2.7 (1.3 Gb)-standalone version is not tied to the HDS.
PIN codes and generators for a video installation.
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