Dealer database (of diagnosing the presence or VCI AVDI).

How-to repair: Shop Manual, Electrical Troubleshooting Manual, Diagnostic Trouble Codes Guide, Symptom Guide, Replacement Component Info and describe the operations of maintenance and repair, circuit troubleshooting and diagnostics, electric circuits HYUNDAI, connector pinout, transcripts of diagnostic trouble codes, types of to plugs, layouts fuses and grounding points, views of the wiring harness. The literature on repair HYUNDAI provides information on disassembly, assembly, adjustment and configuration of all components and assemblies of cars, are tightening torques, technical data, dealer information of repair and diagnostics of mechanical and automatic transmissions, the necessary special tool, and as other useful information for repair .

Extras. Information: In this distribution includes ready-made proven system on a virtual machine VMware Player 4.0.0.

This distribution is oriented to users AVDI! Tested only with AVDI (with the latest update PASS-THRU), operability with me VCI has not been tested.

Includes the following version (update):

Year / Date of Release: 2012
Version: E-H-03-04-0000
Language: Multilingual
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