International Custom Parts Catalog
Year of manufacture: 2003
Platform: Win 95.98 NT, XP
Compatibility with Vista: unknown
Interface language: only English
Crack: not required
Description: International Truck
Spare parts catalogue International trucks contains a catalog of parts for American trucks International are very popular now in Russia.
Electronic catalogue of spare parts of American trucks International Custom Parts Catalog on 1 CD, it is possible to complete installation on hard disk or directory-International work using the CD.
Catalogue of International Custom Parts Catalog will be indispensable for companies selling spare parts for American trucks International as well as HUNDRED of repair and maintenance trucks International. using the International Directory, you can easily pick up spare parts for American truck international.
Spare parts catalogue International Trucks is present information on International trucks listed.
Models shown in the catalogue of spare parts International:
International Chassis: 1C005058
International Chassis: NH426506
International Chassis: PH512385
International Chassis: PH518133
International Chassis: SH611969
International Chassis: TH244841
International Chassis: VH341820
International Chassis: VH498673
International Chassis: WH539031
International Chassis: WH558841
Additional information: August 2003
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