The distribution of images 9 CD (guaranteed only with the version of Windows 2000/XP with full support for the Japanese language), if they are only needed and you know how to install them, then swing them alone.

Also in the hand-tuned virtual machine VMware. To work with the entire catalog Download Torrent, as well as player VMware Player (available on the tracker) that is compatible with your version of Windows and VMware virtual machines at least version 6.5. After installing and running the player VMware Player, open the file named Isuzu EPC.vmx of this distribution.

The program of "beating" number of bodies and frames only Japanese vehicles ISUZU (passenger and cargo).
The program interface is in Japanese, but intuitive. Instructions for working with the catalog will put a little later, if you are working for the first time, look for a while in other hands.

Extras. Information: For printing, you need to open the network to access the printer on the host operating system, configure the virtual machine and the local operating system to use the same workgroup (eg, WORKGROUP), and then add the printer to the default one which opened the network access . If the program still refuses to print, you will likely have "an educated bet" set up the program Visual Formade.

If during operation, the virtual machine starts behaving inappropriately, you must run the "Start" => "off", and after the dialog box appears, select the option «Revert to Snapshot» - this will return the virtual machine to its original state.

Year / Date: 03.2011
Version: 03.2011
Developer: Isuzu
Language: Japanese
License: Freeware

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