Knorr-Bremse brake
Year of manufacture: 2004
Genre: spare parts catalogue
Format: plain text
Quality: eBook (computer)

Description: Knorr-Bremse Aftermarket-pneumatic system of truck, spare parts and repairs, pneumatic drive. brakes
KNORR-BREMSE program contains production firm of KNORR. For complete information on the details of disk brake systems including descriptions for repair and maintenance.
KNORR-BREMSE is delivered on a single CD. You can work with the CD or install on HDD. There is a search by part number, original number from another manufacturer, the name and group of parts. On many of the details are illustrated with full technical descriptions and specifications, including descriptions of the manual (English only). KNORR-BREMSE is fully translated into Russian language, technical descriptions and descriptions for repair.
Additional information: Exact date I do not know, but about 2004
Russian language-is present.


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