Liebherr Lidos 2003


Year/release date: 2003
Version: 3
Interface language: English


Description: Liebherr Lidos Program contains parts catalogs for tractors, loaders and excavators (crawler and pneumo-go). Unfortunately, in this catalog there is no data to Liebherr cranes of this famous company. Liebherr Lidos on the catalog comes 4 DVD.

New service Lidos WebService (LIDOS WebS) makes it possible to work and receive the latest updates via the WEB directory data of spare parts and for repair!

Liebherr Lidos program installed completely on the Winchester and takes ~ 19 Gb, supports three languages, English, German and French. It is possible to install the catalog details for only one model or bulldozers, loaders or excavators. Has a fairly simple interface.

LIEBHERR is a company known for its products worldwide. Excellent reputation of products manufactured by LIEBHERR, builds on the experience of more than 17000 employees. Founded in 1949, the LIEBHERR is now a group, composed of 52 companies, with sales for 1998, 2005-4993 Million. Swiss francs.

LIEBHERR product range includes a wide list of products such as, Tower, port, container, tracked and wheeled cranes, hydraulic excavators and loaders, dump trucks, dozers, pipelayers, concrete mixing plants and cars.

Liebherr Lidos program installation requires ~ 19 Gb of free space on your hard disk.

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