Majorsell catalog 2010
Year/release date: 2010
Version: 2010
Developer: Majorsell Limited
Developer site:
Interface language: English
Crack: not required
Description: Majorsell Limited is a manufacturer of spare parts and units of brake parts for commercial vehicles.
In stock-spare parts kits and individual components of air compressors, valves, PSU and brake calipers from different manufacturers.
On the CD there are two catalog in pdf format:
Majorsell Catalogue 2010-repair kits and spare parts for the air system
Caplier Catalogue 2010-Complete brake calipers
The most valuable of the manufacturer-supplied r/k on old compressors, which are currently only available in the original and is not small money. (R/c compressors) for four years of personal issues. On the golden-domed where you can buy to give r/w pm.
Additional information: Majorsell Limited was founded in 1980. Currently, products are sold in more than 60 countries.
Kits contain exactly what is required to restore the product. In sets of no expensive parts that are rarely used, but they are available to buy separately. In some cases, additional sets of low value to this set is suitable for a wide range of products.
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