Mantis 5.431


Catalog of auto parts Man contains a catalog of parts for trucks, artics Man Man Man buses and chassis for special purposes, as well as engines and transmissions Doromat Man.
Parts catalogues Man Mantis 5.431 (Man Teile Informations System) comes on 1DVD, with a full installation takes on HDD 2100Mb. In addition, the network is full and partial installation of the DVD.
New version of catalog Man Mantis (5.0 and higher) running at a resolution of 800 x 600 monitor and allows you to enter a full VIN identification machines, but only on the VIN identifies the model and date of manufacture. There is a search pattern for the original part number and list of vehicles, where the item has been used and the replacement part numbers, both new and old.
To search for parts of a particular machine, you must know the VIN or to know exactly the model, wheel formula, spacing, suspension and engine modifications and installed on the machine. Search by VIN is implemented as follows. You can type the full VIN or use with 4 to 6 characters of the VIN-and to determine the type (up to five sought zeros) and from 7 to 10 characters to determine the chassis number, you can also select the type and number of the chassis from the list of options. All other data will have to be clarified directly by car.

Man Mantis program entirely in Russian, is updated via the Internet. This will always have the latest data on the design of Man from the manufacturer.

With a full installation of Windows 95 requires the presence of two logical drives using the FAT32 file system, when installing under Windows 98, Win NT, W2k, Win XP enough and one logical drive (FAT32, NTFS).
To remove a program, you must know the password is very simple "MADONNA".

From 09.2005, the program does not support Windows 95/98, or rather does not guarantee its efficiency under those operating systems.

Man Mantis program will be an indispensable tool for selection of spare parts man. using it, you can find the original catalogue numbers Man for their order.

Abbreviation of MAN-machine works Augsburg and means of Nuremberg. Firm "MAN" was founded in 1915 and is one of the leading manufacturers of vehicles, including buses, as well as components for their assemblies (axles, transmissions, engines, cabins).


Year of manufacture: 2008 
Compatibility with Vista: unknown 
System requirements: WinXP 
Language: English

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