MAN Workshop Infosystem (MAN WIS)
Year of manufacture: 2009
Platform: Windows
Compatibility with Vista: unknown
Language: English + Russian
Crack: Present
Description: Man WIS dealer repair trucks and buses Man. this programme provides information on the repair, maintenance, Diagnostics, electric circuits trucks Man trucks also Mans the program and buses Man.
Man Wis Workshop catalog Information System comes on 1DVD possible complete or partial installation of repair on your hard drive.
An excerpt from the program Man WIS (Workshop Information System):
This manual serves as a tool for the proper carrying out of repair work on a vehicle described here and aggregations and reflects the technical level at the time of the deposit of material in print.
In developing this guide assumes the professional qualifications required for working with vehicles and units.
Illustrations and descriptions are typical snapshots that do not always correspond to the repaired unit, without being incorrect. In such cases, the planning and carrying out of repair work is appropriate.
Repair of complex additional components is our customer service or customer service Department of the manufacturer. On these units in the text is of particular note.
Repairs are classified by sections and sub-sections. Each subsection begins with the page "Background work". Background of the works represent a summary of the main conditions for the repair work. For prerequisites work can be followed by a detailed description of the work.
Additional information: file from Crack folder to installation folder, replacing the original file.
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