MANTIS 5.433 + Up to 437
Year of manufacture: 2008
Version: 5, 6, 1, 58
Compatibility with Vista: unknown
Language: English + Russian
Crack: Present
Format: disk image made by Alcohol 120%, + 4 update file, 434-437
Description: program MAN (MANTIS) contains full information on spare parts for lorries, tractors, buses and chassis for special purposes, as well as the MAN engines.
The program comes on one DVD, with a full installation takes up 2.60 GB HDD. In addition to a full installation can be partial (details of "reading from the DVD), there might be a network installation (not tested). The new version (5.0 and above) works at a resolution of 800 x 600 monitor and allows you to enter a full VIN identification machines, but only on the VIN identifies the model and date of manufacture. There is a search pattern for the original part number and list of vehicles, where the item has been used and the replacement part numbers, both new and old.
To search for parts of a particular machine, you must know the VIN or to know exactly the model, wheel formula, spacing, suspension and engine modifications and installed on the machine. Search by VIN is implemented as follows. You can type the full VIN or use with 4 to 6 characters of the VIN-and to determine the type (up to five sought zeros) and from 7 to 10 characters to determine the chassis number, you can also select the type and number of the chassis from the list of options. All other data will have to be clarified directly by car.
Starting with version 404 (01.2006) program fully supports the Russian language, including the names of the parts.
To make the cars VIN number released since 1991.
Installing MANTIS:
1. Insert the DVD (pre burning from an image to a DVD or mount the image in the emulator, CD-ROM) and run mansetup.exe.
2. Select the language for the installation.
3. Select the type of installation CD installation to work with DVD, Workstation/server-client to copy all data on the HDD.
4. Select the primary language for the MANTIS.
5. Select the drive (HDD) to install the program.
6. Select the type of relation with the dealer the None default server (by default).
7. when the installation program does not remove the disk and run Install the Dongle from the start menu-> programs-> MANTIS
8. then copy the directory Emul-net DVD on drive c.
9. run the file instnt-new.bat from directory Emul-net.
10. run the program shortcut on the desktop and MANTIS reads Mail message message, continue working with the program.
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