Mazda EPC contains full information on cars and minibuses with the left handed drive.
Ext. Information : The composition of the distribution include:
LOCAL DATA 01_10.iso

Here you find Mazda EPC 1-2010 Full.

Installation of program Mazda EPC2:

Start from CD Mazda A1 a file epcinst.exe, which is in directory MAZEPC.
After end of copying of files, you will see window EPC2 SETUP.

It is necessary to note following points:
Server and to specify a way where the data from CD of disks will be copied.

Further it is necessary to note following points:
Primary Language and Secondary Language.

After that tt will be necessary to press on OK indexation of disks A1, B1, B2
After indexing end: Press on OK.

To start the program, from your desktop click Mazda EPC2!


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