information base on repair cars, trucks, buses and tractors, and the European and American markets. The program provides detailed information on repair of all units, electrical, engine and gearbox. Please note: The old models of electric circuits do not. Runs under WINDOWS NT, WINDOWS 2000, Windows XP. Supplied as a network, and a local version of the program. Updated every month.

Established very simply, about 10-30 minutes, requires no additional equipment and resources. Takes up to 1GB of hard disk space. To speed up the program is desirable to rewrite it to your hard drive (take place up to 25.5 GB, including archived previous copy - at least for me it happened) Starting with WIS 3.03, ASRA program for bodywork and cost of integration into the program of work WIS, but now has a limit of time, if you ASRA stopped working - Set a date for a month or two ago, or upgrade a program WIS.
(Not mine, but neatly written ...)


Year / Issue Date: 03.2012
System requirements: the better - none worse)))
Language: Multilingual (Russian present)

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