Mercedes DAS XENTRY 11/2013/Image system- Year/release date: 2013
Version: 11.13
System requirements: Intel P4 2 GHz or higher.
Interface language: Russian
Crack: Present
Description: a program for diagnosing car of MERCEDES-BENZ.
Disk ready installed DAS Xentry, Sdmedia
Additional information: Activated prototypes for DAS, the Renamed folder Update to block updates the SD connect. genes key to DAS Xentry and WIS on your desktop. To access them, you must close the window by clicking on the tab stardiagnosis, right-click and choose close. The system was installed from scratch on lenovo B590 and removed akronisom. The EPC is not installed, if necessary, put yourself.
files for the bricks of black sheet are not changed! Request not to write in a personal question by mistake CAL870! fajliki for zabanenyh bricks (compact 3) looking for yourself.


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