The program Mercedes DAS Xentry - designed for fault diagnosis of electronic systems and vehicle units of Mercedes and is used in conjunction with the Star Diagnosis scanner dealer. Interface Mercedes DAS Xentry program has a multilingual interface, including the Russian language. With this program and the diagnostic adapter can diagnose cars, commercial trucks and buses Mercedes produced 1989 release. Diagnostics with the help of this program will identify malfunctions of electronic engine control systems, automatic transmissions, safety, air conditioning, ABS, EDS, ESP, cruise control and many other systems assistants.

Base Mercedes WIS NET net data contains the full information on repair (description of operations, electrical, etc.), services, labor hours (ASRA) all Mercedes vehicles, including trucks, buses and specials. technique. Mercedes WIS net Comes on 3 DVD DL. It requires a full installation on a hard disk.

Mercedes WIS dealer information database contains information on the repair, service, diagnostics, bodywork and other repair information, wiring diagrams and bodywork (ASRA) for all Mercedes-Benz cars, trucks, buses and specials. technique, all markets. Mercedes WIS comes on 2 DVD. Mercedes-Benz Wis contains the full version (about eight languages, including Russian). Most of the additional languages ‚Äč‚Äčavailable only for menus and new documents.
Mercedes WIS contains detailed instructions for installation, dismantling, disassembly, assembly, adjustment and configuring the various components and assemblies, as represented by the total electrical circuit (wiring), connector pinout, body and body repair manual.

The program Mercedes WIS contains detailed information on repair of mechanical and automatic transmissions Mercedes. The program is indispensable for services and service stations Mercedes-Benz.

Module "ASRA" is an integral part of the application. ASRA - an abbreviation of Arbeitstexte, Standardtexte, Richtzeiten und Arbeitswerte (job descriptions, standard descriptions, regulations and labor times). The company Daimler AG has created a list of works produced in the STOA. These works have a description of the accounting unit and work different for Germany / Austria (value of the AW) and other countries (labor times). ASRA is an electronic catalog of standards of work, which provides a quick search of work and time of their execution. Certain using ASRA data form the basis for creating maintenance orders and invoices.
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