Mercedes EPC 2 DVD 07/2006
Year of release: 2006
Version: 07/2006
System requirements: Mercedes EPC Program installs and runs under the following operating systems:
Windows 2000 Server with Service Pack > = 2 (Server)
Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack > = 2 (Standalone or client)
Windows XP Proffessional with Service Pack 1-2 (Server)
Windows NT 4.0 Server with Service Pack > = 5 (Server)
Windows NT 4.0 Workstation with Service Pack > = 5 (Standalone or client)
Windows 98/ME (Only standalone, not as a client)
Description: Mercedes EPC 2 DVD Requires copying the contents of drives on the hard drive and DVD DL mount an image for installation.
Mercedes EPC program provides information on machines, since 1962, datakard available from 1978 onwards.
All the versions of the Mercedes EPC from 2002 onwards are the top position of the dashboard without the ability to move, advanced equipment codes (SA-code) is no longer available on separate disks and pamphlets and built into the program (F2-> Code Lookup), added a nice feature story entered VIN (F3), just for the convenience of the Panel buttons to access datakard (Ctrl + F6), notes (Ctrl + F2), list selection (Ctrl + F4) and add details in the list (Ctrl + F9)now in datakard additional equipment pins are automatically decrypted.
Mercedes EPC installation for different WINDOWS are no different. Start with DVD DL file SETUP.EXE, enter the License Key (depends on LanId) and all. The program copies the data on the selected hard drive. Depending on the program installs the LicenseKey cars, trucks, or all data. Change language in the progarmme Mercedes EPC DVD DL-start the application and press the F2 code to enter in the settings menu "" MBAG "".
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