Mercedes EWA NET EPC WIS 8.2007
Year of manufacture: 2007
Version: 08.2007
Platform: Windows
Compatibility with Vista: Yes
Language: English + Russian
Crack: Present
Description: Version 2008 known programs for repair and spare parts Mercedes.
Distributions are made so that the discs do not require DL.
Everything is put in the usual DVD who understands-that will ease.
The Mercedes EPC net is much improved and expanded networking opportunities. Install server and client part does not require a lot of time and effort. It became much easier to integrate warehousing and accounting programs auto parts catalog spare parts Mercedes EPC net Management Shell is completely written in Java. There is a possibility of integration with 1 c.
There were ample opportunities desktop settings in the Mercedes EPC net to a particular user. You can now resize Windows, change location, turn off the display of unwanted data.
More convenient search of spare parts. All of the groups and subgroups are now available in one click of the mouse.
Mercedes WIS net (EWA) contains detailed instructions for installation, dismantling, disassembly, Assembly, adjustment and configuring the various components and assemblies, full wiring diagrams (electrical), pin out connectors, body dimensions and manual kuzovnomu repair.
The Mercedes WIS net (EWA) contains detailed information on repair of mechanical and automatic transmissions for Mercedes. This program is indispensable for services and service stations from Mercedes-Benz.
ewa. version =
ewa.tag.version = 1_6_50_04
Format-7 iso images.
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