Electronic parts catalog for Ford of European assemblies. Provides information on passenger and light commercial vehicles. With the full installation (program data) takes about 5.5 GB. Rolling back the date is not required (it works without a rollback to May 2013). Completely redesigned distribution, simply run setup.exe and specify the installation path. Tablets are not required. Whereas previously there were previous versions MICROCAT Ford, do not forget to remove them before installing, otherwise there may be problems with the definition of the current directory to the database (the program at startup enumerates all logical drives (except for Z and looking for a folder FEU_DATA, as well as a file of zero length in the mc1234 the root directory).

Year: 2011
Platform: MS Windows 2000/XP/2003 (x86)
Compatible with Vista/Win7: compatible with 32-bit version is not compatible with x64.
Language: Multilingual

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